The new way to play video games

Get your games out of the standard use.
Let all your devices build an incredible gaming experience with Starburst Gaming

Starburst Gaming is a software solution made to enhance your gaming experience by connecting your smart devices together.

Expand your gaming universe

In a car game, your smartphone can display a rear-view mirror, and your tablet can act like a GPS. In an role-play game, your tablet can show your inventory, a map or act like any flat object your character have. Your smartphone can show you enemy intel or could be used to select actions.
Possibilities are endless.

Starburst Computing gives your devices more power!

Starburst Gaming relies on your Wifi network

How does it work?

With your own home network, your devices are already connected. Starburst Gaming uses this connection to allow compatible games to communicate in real-time and smoothly.
It means you can use your tablet and smartphone while playing on your computer.

Compatible with most devices

Starburst Gaming is compatible with most desktop & mobile operating systems, and we’re working hard to expand compatibility list.

I'm a developer

I play video games

Develop new ways to play!

Starburst Gaming lets you easily create smart, connected games. Free of technical issues, you can imagine new gameplay interactions and offer players a new video game experience.

Want to try it out?

We are always eager to getting feedbacks to improve our solution. Since we are still on a closed beta, please contact us if you want to know more or try Starburst Gaming with your games.

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Want to know more?

  • Free to use
  • Cross-platform
  • Compatible with many games

For now, games need to be compatible with Starburst Gaming. Check out soon to see new games and features.
We're working on making your experience even simpler and more interactive for almost every video game!

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